About Us

Black Squirrel began with our search for a truly inspired granola: one that was less sweet than the usual suspects, a bit more sophisticated. Granola that was more nuts and fruit, with a satisfying toasted crunch. We love to bake, so we decided to try our hand at creating something amazing. 

Here's What We Did:

We took out the sugar and replaced it with maple syrup, which we love for its deep and complex flavor. We took out refined vegetable oils and added in healthy extra virgin coconut oil, which lends a wonderful warmth. And we added in nuts and fruit. Lots of nuts and fruit, because those are our favorite things about eating granola!

The granola we make at Black Squirrel Deluxe Granola is hand toasted and made with an abundance of premium nuts and dried fruit. We never skimp on the delicious stuff! We always roast our granola in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. We believe in taking our time to craft the best granola you have ever tasted.  

Based in beautiful Denver, CO.